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The nuances of neurodiversity – Why context matters (Entry One) S1E7

Special guest spotlight:

Dr. Tami Lincoln trains future teachers for their roles in the classroom, and focuses not only on subject matter competency, but also preparing them for the affective and socioemotional dimensions of teaching.
She shares that “Our schools need teachers who are aware of the factors that influence a child’s educational experiences.”
Understanding this in her role as an Assistant Professor of Liberal Studies at Brandman University, she seeks to develop and nurture those soft skills that will make her students “difference makers” in the classroom.
On a personal note, Dr. Lincoln is a wife of 22 years, and mother to three mostly awesome kids, one of whom is non-neurotypical. Parenting a non-neurotypical child is what spurred her interest in this area, and continues to grow her understanding of and appreciation for neurodiversity

Dr. Kathryn Taylor has been an educator for over 18 years and is currently a program specialist in a high school district developing special programs and staff for the educational benefit of individuals with exceptional needs.
She earned her Bachelors in Film & Black Studies, Masters in Special Education, and her Doctorate in Organizational Leadership.
Dr. Taylor believes her most important and treasured job to date is raising her 5 children to be passionate, confident, and innovative scholars as they embrace the neurological differences of others as well as their own.

Additional Resources

Neurodiversity as a Competitive Advantage
by Robert D. Austin and Gary P. Pisano (2017)

The Myth of the Normal Brain: Embracing Neurodiversity
Thomas Armstrong, PhD
AMA Journal of Ethics – Illuminating the Art of Medicine

Richard Branson Opens Door To Bigger Thinking On Neurodiversity
Nancy Doyle – Forbes (2019)