The Vintage Collection – IA Apparel

The wait is over.
The Vintage Collection is here.

Step into the world of Insufferable Academics with limited edition swag via “The Vintage Collection” – IA Apparel from Insufferable Academics LLC.
Whether you’re an armchair intellectual, a book nerd, a backseat pontificator, or a scholar, IA Apparel has your companion piece for real talk without filters that Insufferable Academics is known for.

Just in time for the holidays 🎄 IA Apparel has the perfect gift 🎁
Share the love for authentic conversation, armchair intellectualism, lived experiences & knowledge with fellow scholars, educators, or anyone passionate about learning and unlearning. IA Apparel will make an excellent present (for you or) your loved ones.

Join the Insufferable Academics community in celebrating intellectual curiosity and thought-provoking discussion.

Adorned with our iconic “Vintage” logo, this IA Apparel proudly represents your acknowledgement of being an Insufferable Academic…Now go learn something.