Engaging beyond preconceived notions (Part I & II) S2E9 & S2E10

Special guest spotlight:

Dr. David Gonzalez, Jr. is a lifelong public servant with over 20 years in municipal government service. The product of a single-parent (mostly) household, his service, professional commitment, and even his foibles are informed by a strong will to overcome, challenge, and make things better.

Previous to her teaching practice, Dr. Diane Singer served in corporate leadership roles where she successfully led account teams that serve Apple, Disney, Hilton, and IBM.
After leaving the corporate business space, Diane became a business owner specializing in technology integration projects for small business and government. Diane also served in public elected office and in leadership positions in Orange County California advocating for public education, children and families.
Dr. Singer is currently a professor of marketing and business administration at Brandman University and Arizona State University.
Although Diane’s professional work is in instructional product development, and assessment and evaluation processes, her passion is in public education and advocacy for underserved students of all ages. She holds an MBA, MA in Educational Technology and a PhD in Higher Education Leadership.